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The Making Of The Gumball Trophy (Not for everyone)

The Gumball Trophy is the most coveted item in World of Pursuits. Its not for everyone, because not everyone will get to own one. You need that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" moment. It can only be earned through winning a Gumball race. The race is a 30min-ish no rules battle royal. Risk your own vehicle in sharks and minnows style race all around the island running from player cops. If you ever win one of these you can proudly display it in your garage, or smelt it down for some rare metals. Would you prefer to brag or go faster? Can you win enough to do both?

So we started with some quick rough draft.....

We started to think about what the trophy symbolized. We wanted to get people knowing how its earned. So we thought about streets. We tried a street lamp style trophy. Terrible lol

We started thinking about drift kings or king of the mountain style racing

We went rabbit crazy for some reason. Did you think about rabbit doin it? we did too lol. We kept brainstorming.

Tried thinking of something to replace the mascot rabbit

Then we thought about turning it into an engine like trophy. Something built from car parts. We started making the supports look like suspension coils

We liked the engine Idea but we still wanted it more descriptive. You still couldnt tell how the trophy is earned or what it means.

We finally figured out the best way to show how its earned. By showing how its earned haha! We set out to make a mini scene of the big street race. We wanted a road winding through it.

Now we knew what we wanted in the trophy, but still needed to figure out whats on top. We played with a coins and gold idea....

But then figured out winning street races doesn't get you gold. It gets you cash :)

We finally came to our finished product. Shading is still a little weird, but the trophy design is complete :)

Note this is still in at most an "Alpha" state. Everything will improve overtime.

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