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July Summer heat update

Hello World! Rob here from the WoP team. We went dark, but for a good reason. A lot of core development has gotten done. We have some exciting news to share!

We have been hard at work working on the back end and getting a development build out to our team and a few close testers. We are still a few months out to alpha testing but you can now install and play from our launcher! So like many other studios once you open it, it will auto update and you will always be on the latest patch.

Once in the launcher you can register with us with a new email and go straight onto character creator!

Speaking of Character Creator, we have given our models a face lift and now have new meshes for your characters. We are still working on hooking it up but here are a few examples of the clothes you will be able to wear!

We are also working on a buying/selling system for players! Soon you will be able to buy and sell the items that you have worked so hard to build!

And finally while small we have worked on implementing official police decals on your player car! So now you know who is out to get you while you're driving the streets of Ryder Island!

That’s all for now, we will hopefully be updating you all once a month! Just due to the fact that the world is in flux, it is just a little haphazard at the moment! We hope you have a good day and pursue your thrill ride!


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