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How To Setup Unreal Engine Source Build

1. Create an Unreal Engine Account

2. Create a GitHub Account

3. Link your GitHub account to your Unreal Engine account in the personal section

4. Grab the latest source code from GitHub

5. Unzip and rename the folders so that your engine folder is directly under C drive (to avoid file names that get too big on packaging) .Rename the root folder to indicate the version. In this example the root folder is UE4_4_21_2 Meaning UE4 4.21.1 (Also note when trying to extract its common for the windows extraction window to go unresponsive for like 15min)

6. Run the Setup.bat file. Either run it as an administrator, or it’ll ask for it at the end

7. Run the GenerateProjectFiles.bat NOTE: If files are generating for the wrong Visual Studio version, you can use the version parameter in command prompt like the image below. This will create the visual studio .sln solution file C:\UE4_4_22_0\UnrealEngine-4.22\GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2019

8. Open the UE4.sln

9. Right click on the UE4 project and click Rebuild. The build could take a while

10. Right click on the UE4 project and click “Set as StartUp Project”. Then you can run the engine by clicking “Local Windows Debugger” at the top of visual studio (The green arrow play button)

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