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Meet the team

Jack "Thumper"

Founder, Investor, and Lead Developer


Noah "Ostoril"

Game and Network Programming

Luke "LukeWasTheFish"

3D Modeler, Animator, and Level Designer

Robert "Seraph"

2D Designer, Sound Designer, and Social Media Liaison


Best 3D car modeler on the planet

About the team

Thumper here, code became a PTSD outlet for me after Afghanistan. I found peace in code coming from the chaos. My unit received a ton of purple hearts, 2 medal of honors, and tons of other medals. There's actually a movie about 3-61 CAV 4-4 called The Outpost. I didn't really understand survivors guilt until years later, but its real. As my life improves, I mourn my fallen battle buddies harder. We really didn't know what we were risking. I fear wasting a life my friends died protecting. I CANT be idle now. That's how I wound up teaching myself how to build highly complex systems (Check my LinkedIn). Coding became a therapy as well as a way to help others to honor my friends. I'm not sure how many ppl I need to help so they didn't die in vain, but I'll never stop questioning it. I've helped a lot of ppl by building software for a while, but its time to evolve a bit. I think I can do more now.


World of Pursuits is a combination of what I'm good at; adrenaline, cars, computers, and high risk situations. After working solo in my spare time for a yr, I reached out to old friends and co-workers to help me build World of Pursuits. I have now built a suicide squad of developers ballin on a budget. Team members are remote, and make their own hours typically between working multiple other jobs. They all have solid examples of being selfless. I'm very proud of my team thus far. They're HIGHLY skilled, hard working, and all have equity in the game. You cant build a MMO with 5 part time ppl without talent. We might have burned out a while ago, but its WAY too late to quit now. Were close to letting our development build go live. The motivation to keep fighting comes from knowing this is bigger than us. Stay tuned and watch us make the world a better place with the profits. Please hold us to it, we feed on proving good still outweighs bad in this universe.

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